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 Life is Strange: Square Enix unveils new episodic digital-only title

Square Enix today announced that the brand new, episodic, digitally delivered, narrative driven adventure game entitled Life is Strange.

View the debut images here.

Only getting this if the review say its as good as Wolf among us was. Since its gonna be episodic, the bar is set high.



Festival of Feathers: Mood Color Concepts

If there are things that I love to make in my pictures, it’s playing around with colors, lighting, and mood! Here are some color mood concepts I did. It’s not supposed to be too refined.So it’s a little messy. Besides, I love more simplified pieces of work. You can still pack a  punch and get your point across! Some of the lighting may look similar in certain pictures. That’s because I overlayed some of the same pictures over each other, creating a new interesting image out of random shapes and shadows. Guess it’s kind of like recycling. Makes for quick, but interesting imagery! Added some random heads of Anemone. - ELI

Gah.. I still need to continue with this…


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